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Latest Warhammer 30k Battle Reports

Night Lords VS Iron Hands

Heretical Ohio League game Round 2

By ultimate_dave

419 days ago 320 0 Comments
Points 2,500
Mission Fire Tide (Betrayal)

Iron Hands VS Night Lords

Ultimate Dave vs Perz: War of Lies

By ultimate_dave

696 days ago 1,946 0 Comments
Points 2,000
Mission War of Lies (Book V - Tempest)

Night Lords VS Mechanicum

Ultimate Dave vs Perz Volume III: Extermination!

By ultimate_dave

787 days ago 1,588 0 Comments
Points 1,000
Mission Extermination (Betrayal)

Other Warhammer 30k Battle Reports

Night Lords VS Mechanicum
Ultimate Dave vs Perz: Dominion - By ultimate_dave
Night Lords VS Mechanicum
Perz and Ultimate Dave play their 1st Horus Heresy game. - By ultimate_dave